[dropcap type=”1″]N[/dropcap]ot much bigger than a pen, the Olympus VP-10 Pen Voice Recorder is a game-changer for Olympus. A long time pioneer in small devices for dictation and workplace use, Olympus started the game with their micro-cassette Pearlcorders, then moved on to digital recorders that were still more or less the same size, shape and weight as their analog predecessors.  But now, with the Olympus VP-10 Pen Voice Recorder , Olympus has shrunk down the technology to a more convenient, even more travel-friendly size.

Sized to tuck into a shirt pocket, the VP-10 is only slightly larger than a pen, and is the same length. It has a built-in mono microphone at one end and a USB plug at the other, so you can directly download PCM, MP3 or WMA-format audio files directly onto your PC or laptop. With 4GB of internal memory, the VP-10 can record up to 12 hours in PCM format, 66 hours in MP3, or a whopping 1,620 hours in the lower-resolution WMA format or 258 hours in the higher-resolution version.   It is powered by a single AAA battery and has a battery life of 50 hours recording and 29 hours of playback time.


While users can download a limited amount of music and use the VP-10 as a music player, its primary purpose is business use and recording conversations and meetings. Files can be marked and indexed, and playback can be changed from 2x to -5x for transcription. It has a noise cancel and anti-rustle feature as well as a low cut filter for cleaner sound, and voice-activated recording. The microphone has a hi-lo sensitivity switch and a maximum range of 15-17,000 Hz, although it may be lower depending on the recording format. MP3 has the widest range.

An LCD monitor displays playback info, recording standby duration and time left, as well as battery charge and an record on indicator. A clip lets users unobtrusively attach the recorder as it sits in their shirt or jacket pocket.



 Key features:


• Built-in Mono microphone

• 4GB internal memory

• Up to 66

• USB connectivity

• Up to 50 hours recording on one battery charge

• Voice Activated Recording

• Low Cut Filter

• Anti-Rustle

• Playback speed control 2x-0.5x

• Reverse and forward skip

• Backlit LCD

• 3.5mm earphone jack

• 5x.67x.67″

• 1.32 oz.